Wandering, free spirited, Gypsy Wood is earthed in smoky sandalwood & yellow sunflower. Frankincense top notes are softened with a hint of cream arousing memories of an endless summer’s night.

Top Notes: Frankincense, Cream

Middle Notes: White Wood

Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Yellow Sunflower

Mahō is a Melbourne lifestyle label with a big focus on design and sensory refinement. An innovation to classic incense, Mahō is spreading a little magic by sharing the powerful transcendent qualities of scent and smoke that induce calm & relaxation. Honoring the art of burning, Mahō Sensory sticks are a luxury fragrance & captivating addition to the rituals that create a space of meditation and coming home. We are so privileged and proud to be a stockists of this stunning label.

Includes Burner Button

30 Sticks, with approximately 60 min burn time for each stick.