Once Were Wounds is a self-published collection of poetry and prose, written in Auckland, New Zealand by Stephanie Osborne. Touching on the delicate themes of femininity, sensuality, loneliness and longing, Once Were Wounds is a potent emotional journey that is both confronting and enchanting, healing and nourishing.

Once Were Wounds explores the notion that as human beings we too move intrinsically through times of change, times of grounding, times of acknowledgment and processing to reach a place of understanding and acceptance. These are significant characteristics shared by the natural world, teaching us that we must not only find a balance between the seasons but also trust in their consistent change.

“All of my pieces are conveyed with gentleness and understanding. Everything I express and explore through my writing is drawn from personal experience as it’s important for me to keep my work grounded in authenticity and clear intention. Each piece is peppered with the emotional remnants of a beautiful moment or lingering memory.”

~ Stephanie Osborne

Softcover / Gloss / 205 pages.