A stunning collaboration with talented Bridget from Black Shed Pottery, Gold Collective's unique Teardrop vessel is their signature design, and is both refillable & reusable. 
Bridget forms these vessels using a high quality white clay and white glaze, over a subtle texture and free flowing form. Made exclusively for Gold Collective, Renee then does what she does best, using the finest and latest trendsetting ingredients she can get her hands on, to create you something that is really special. Crafted completely by hand and heart, from design, to clay to candle, and from them to you.

Each is a unique creation and no two are exactly the same due to their handcrafted nature. We believe this is part of their beauty and adds to the appreciation of their individuality. Each will vary in their own unique way.

This exquisite candle is set in Pear and Honey, and features cream, peach and white botanicals, a polished Clear Obsidian gemstone, and our elegant spiral wood wick.

Crafted in limited numbers and small batches, with our premium natural coconut wax blend that is palm oil and petroleum free, free of genetically modified materials and is bio-degradable.

Our high quality fragrance and essential oil blends are free of phthalates, paraffins, petro chemicals and UV inhibitors.

All our candles are vegan and animal cruelty free.

•Approximately 25 hours burn time.

•Medium Size: Height (bottom) 60mm, height (top) 81mm, diameter (left to right) 120mm, Diameter (top to bottom) 156mm