Melts are an excellent way to experience our luxurious fragrances with or without a flame, by use of your electric or tealight warmer.

•6 tarts per shell.

Our creamy melts are gently hand poured with a creamy plant based soy wax that is GMO free, Vegan & Kosher.

We’re proud to provide you with melts that are free of the chemical paraffin that most melts contain. You’ll notice our melts don’t have the traditional ‘snap’ release that you might expect from a melt, but you can relax knowing this chemical won’t be released into your airspace, while continuing to retain the superior quality scent throw we know you love and trust.

Melts used in your warmer provide a safe alternative to burning candles, they produce no flame or soot, and are enjoyed at a lower temperature, dramatically minimising the risk of any potential burn.

Easy to use and economical too, a perfect choice for those with curious young children or pets with fluffy tails!

  • Just place a tart onto your warmers ceramic plate, plug it in and turn it on!

  • Once the wax warms and melts its scent will be released and fill even the largest rooms.

  • Alternatively you can use a traditional Tealight wax warmer also. Place the melt on the warmer dish, light the tealight beneath the dish, and enjoy both the fragrance and the ambience of a gentle little flame.