Like taking a deep breath of fresh air. A subtle blend to help you to slow and reset.

On Sundays was born out of the desire for a moment of calm. Created in exploration of balance. Among the many nourishing qualities you get from steeped herbs, a cup of tea is more than that. It’s a reminder to slow down and take a deep breath. Allow yourself to savour the present moment and to acknowledge how you feel. 

Every On Sundays blend is

  • Hand-blended in New Zealand
  • Created using organic ingredients
  • Free from artificial colours and flavours
  • Loose-leaf 
  • Delivered to you in recyclable packaging

How to brew: 1 tsp per cup | 80°C | 3-4 mins

Perfect on its own. We like to enjoy unwind in the evenings or in times of stress.

Loose leaf tea, hand-blended in New Zealand from imported organic ingredients. Chamomile flowers, calendula petals, lavender

naturally caffeine free

Store in a cool, dry place