Summer is still here and we have the perfect solution to keep your hair and scrunchies looking fab! Swim scrunchies are designed to be worn in the water and are made out of swimwear material. The Pebbles swim scrunchie in white is available in both large and small sizes. This scrunchie is made out of swimwear material.

A little more info about swim scrunchies:

  • Made from swimwear material so they bounce back to normal once dry
  • Faster drying than regular scrunchies
  • Made to be worn in the water and won't snag your hair like a regular hair tie (hopefully no more hair ties getting stuck in wet hair!)
  • Made from remnant material (some are also made from recycled plastic)
  • Can be worn as an active scrunchie for working out in too

We are a low waste company, which means we aim to produce little to no waste from each scrunchie made and choose to send our products in environmentally friendly packaging that is home compostable or recyclable.