These beautiful ivory Pillar Candles are individually poured and hand finished by Renee at Gold Collective.

Fragranced in White Sandalwood and Cedar and available in 4 different styles, these pillar candles will add a simplistic and contemporary touch to your interior space. Mix and match styles for a bit of fun and variation!

•Height: Approx 220-225mm, Width: Approx 26-34mm.

•Up to 1.5-2 hours burn time, when recommendations are followed.

• Made with soy pillar wax that is made up primarily of natural soy bean and blended with smaller portions sustainably sourced, certified palm wax and a tiny amount of paraffin. GMM free. Vegan and animal cruelty free. Wick 100% cotton.

•Recommendations for use: 

Place candle on heatproof dish or candle holder prior to lighting to catch wax spill. Keep away from drafts and keep wick trimmed and straight to ensure an even & long lasting burn, and prevent early spillage. Trim wick before every light. Never leave lit candle unattended. Keep well away from flammable surfaces such as curtains and décor. Keep well away from children and pets. Never touch or move a burning candle. Using a candle snuffer to extinguish the flame will prevent hot wax from splattering. Do not to continue to burn your candle when there is 10 millimetres or less remaining. This amount of wax should remain at the bottom of the candle as a safety measure.