These beautiful plates are used to re-charge & cleanse your crystal’s own energies. They have the ability to cleanse, purify, and magnify energies. 
Crystals absorb negative energy & vibrations from us & our environment, so it’s important to charge & cleanse crystals to empty them of this and return them to their natural energy vibration state.
Simply place your stones on the plate for at least 5 minutes. Overnight before you go to sleep is ideal.

Selenite is a cleansing crystal that has one of the most powerful activation energies on earth. Selenite crystals help to clear, protect and shield your personal energy body, or the energy of your home, especially negative influences, by removing and preventing any harmful energies from permeating your body or home.

•Plate sizes vary due to being hand cut.

SMALL are approximately width 33mm, length 10mm, depth 12mm.

LARGE are approximately width 42mm, length 200mm, depth 7mm

SMALL-THICK are approximately width 50mm, length 90mm, depth 22mm

LARGE- RAW are unpolished in its raw state, approximately width 37-40mm, length 200mm, depth 10-12mm

•(does not include crystals pictured)