Care for your candles with this professional full chandler set, that includes a Wick Trimmer, Snuffer, Dipper/Debris Remover and Tray.

This set makes caring for your candles a breeze, and is especially good for getting down into the candle vessel to keep them looking and performing at their best. 

Proper care and maintenance is important to ensure you enjoy the best performance from your candle. Trim away any carbon build-up on the wick and ensure that the top of the candle is free of debris such as matchstick heads, bugs or dust before lighting.

Extinguish candles using a wick snuffer. This way you reduce the risk of blowing melted wax out of the candle jar and also reduce the occurrence of a smoking wick.

The candle Dipper/Debris remover, is the perfect multi-purpose tool for candle owners. It can be used to clean the edge of the vessel, to stand the wick straight, to tidy any stray wax which can interfere with the flame, and safely remove any stray debris.

•Set of x1 Trimmer x1 Snuffer x1 Dipper/Debris Remover, and x1 Tray;stainless steel.

Wick Trimmer Dimensions: 60mmW x 180mmL
Snuffer Dimensions: 24mmW x 190mmL (full length extended) // Handle 158mm x 7mm x 4mm
Dipper Dimensions: 17mmW x 200mmL
Tray Dimensions: 96mmW x 230mmL