Inspired by an Italian tradition and a world that could do with a little hope. This kit contains all you need to get started with a special new ritual. When lit the paper floats into the air like magic. It is a humble ritual that we hope offers a bit of slow to your life.

Inside your beautiful little box you'll find 24 of our special papers with full instructions, a handmade branded ceramic platform in its own muslin bag and a natural pencil. All neatly tucked inside a reusable box.

How to use:

1. Take one of the special papers and if you wanted to write on it do so. A pencil is included.

2. Scrunch the paper into a tight ball and then unravel and roll into a loose cylinder.  Using your index finger to wrap around is a good guide.

3. Stand the paper upright on the glazed side of the Ande ceramic platform.

4. Light from the top and watch the paper burn down and take off into the air like magic.

Enjoy the moment.