What's more fabulous than a fuzzy plush flamingo?

One you make yourself, of course! This pre-cut felt kit makes designing your own plush a snap!

 Sew and stuff the wings, flamingo body, and head. Add the bead eyes. Cut the pink and white knitted fabric to make snazzy flamingo legs that will be both dainty and eye-catching! Don't forget, every flamingo is unique and every flamingo deserves its own personality! Use leftover felt (or any craft supplies you have around the house) to give your flamingo a dashing, charming personality.

The world gets brighter when you create, so embrace the stand-out fabulousness of the flamingo! My Fuzzy Flamingo Craft kit to sew and detail your own plushy flamingo Encourages interest in crafts, design, personalization, creation Strengthens dexterity, fine motor skills, planning, early sewing skills. Cut stripy legs from the pink and white striped fabric Embellish with eye beads, facial coloring, wings Stuff and sew the body, head, and neck Add personality!

Kit includes:

Pre-cut Flamingo

Felt Pieces

Assorted Felt


Embroidery Thread

Striped Sock

Craft Glue

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